Hi, my name is Giovanni "Nanni" Calandro, and I am an Italian musician and educator based in South Australia. Over the past 25 years, I've established myself as a versatile drummer, performing across a diverse range of musical genres, including jazz, funk, blues, rock, reggae, folk, and pop. I've had the privilege of playing alongside numerous talented artists at various venues and festivals in both Italy and Australia. Additionally, I have been actively engaged as an educator, offering workshops and lessons, both privately and for cultural organizations. My passion for Italian cinema and its soundtracks has inspired me to create a show that celebrates the iconic sound of Italian cinema from the 1950s to the 1970s, a passion I am currently sharing and promoting across Australia.

On behalf of Palace Cinemas and the Lavazza Italian Film Festival, I would like to thank Nanni Calandro for promoting and celebrating the music of the golden ages of the Italian Genre Cinema in Australia with his show Once upon a time in Italy.
It’s always a pleasure working with Nanni and I look forward to do it again.
Elysia Zeccola, National Festivals Director | Palace
“It is always a pleasure working with Nanni on an event. His professionalism as musician is matched by his wonderful talent. Always reliable and flexible in his approach to any gig. We know we are in good hands when Nanni is on the job”
Dana Rinaldo, Entertainment & Event Manager at Rinaldo Entertainment & Productions
Giovanni is a highly skilled drummer and teacher. It's great spending time with him as he creates a comfortable learning environment. He is very engaging, patient and is great at delivering feedback. What a legend!

Jack Aitken, drum student
Did a lovely gig in Mt Gambier last night with the Bellyflop in a Pizza band. However my long-time drummer Steve tested positive for Covid on Tues night, so all of a sudden it looked like being 3/4 of the band! So, Wed was spent making MANY phone calls and sending MANY text messages and emails…I’m nothing if not resourceful (!) trying to hunt down a good drummer. Steve’s a hard guy to replace, especially at such short notice. Eventually I tracked down a lovely guy called Giovanni Calandro in Mt Gambier. The story has a good ending as Giovanni managed to ‘nail’ all 13 songs in 24 hours and so we did the gig successfully with a full band. Phew!
Peter Combe, Australian children's entertainer and musician
Nanni is a brilliant musician. One of the best drummers I have had the pleasure of performing with. He is an upmost professional in all aspects; his preparation, rehearsal and his performance. He has a genuine musicality and diverse understanding of all genres. Nanni is able to bring both impeccable rhythm and creative flair to any song thrown at him, with his enjoyment of music underpinning it all.
Louise Adams, Australian singer-songwriter
Giovanni is a great musician and entrepreneur. Very easy going person and at the same time very professional. As a creative individual he is constantly creating new projects with amazing content. Totally recommended!
Fabio Miotto Colombini, Senior music teacher at Hermes Music Academy


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